143: Sales Funnels For Product Managers

143: Sales Funnels For Product Managers

Why do product managers need to know about sales funnels?

I’m not successful if my product doesn’t sell. And I’ve argued before on this podcast that I have a lot of influence – as a product manager – over the success of my product.

And my framework, what I call the Secret Product Management Framework, has three pieces:

  1. Finding market problems worth solving.
  2. Creating the solutions to those problems.
  3. And taking the solutions to market. I.e., selling them.

I don’t do the actual selling, just as I don’t do the actual building of the solution.

I don’t need to be a developer to do #2, and I don’t need to be a salesperson or marketer to do #3.

So, in this episode, we talk about sales funnels. And you’ll find that there’s a lot of product management meat to them.

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