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In every episode of the Secrets of Product Management podcast I provide actionable insights, techniques, and hacks to help you create more value in the world, faster.

Hi, I'm Nils Davis (more on me below). This podcast is for anyone trying to create value in the world with new products - product managers, product marketers, innovators of all sorts. 

87: Sabrina Braham On Amplifying Your Potential With Strengths

87: Sabrina Braham On Amplifying Your Potential With Clifton Strengths

In this episode, my good friend Sabrina Braham shares her insights on Clifton Strengths and amplifying your potential by applying strengths and other positive psychology ideas like the growth mindset. Sabrina is a celebrated executive coach and consultant, specializing in leadership excellence and business growth, with many years of experience coaching Fortune 500 executives and

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87: Sabrina Braham On Amplifying Your Potential With Clifton Strengths
86: Data-driven product management

86: Data-driven Product Management

What does data-driven product management really mean? In episode 83 of this podcast my guest Noa Ganot reminded us that the term “data-driven product management” originally meant you weren’t prioritizing what to build simply based your own opinions, out of your own head, or the opinions of your colleagues. You would use “data” – such

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86: Data-driven Product Management

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When I started in product management, there were no resources for learning product management.

To help new product managers avoid that struggle, for years I’ve been providing that “secret” information on my Secret Product Manager Handbook website, this podcast, and my YouTube channel.

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