159: Ryan Gottfredson on The Transformative Power of Mindsets in Life and Leadership

159: Ryan Gottfredson on The Transformative Power of Mindsets in Life and Leadership

The Transformative Power of Mindsets in Life and Leadership

In this episode, an engaging conversation about mindsets with Ryan Gottfredson, a renowned leadership and management professor, author, and mindset expert.

The core discussion revolves around the foundational role mindsets play in shaping our thoughts, behaviors, and overall success in life, work, and leadership.

Gottfredson emphasizes the potential for profound personal and professional transformation through the understanding and shifting of our mindsets.

A quote from Ryan Gottfredson about mindsets.

The mindsets

He introduces four primary sets of mindsets identified through academic research and discusses the process of ‘vertical development’ as a means of enhancing one’s internal operating system for better outcomes.

The four mindset dimensions are:

  • Fixed <-> Growth
  • Open <-> Closed
  • Prevention <-> Promotion
  • Inward <-> Outward

If you take Ryan’s assessment, you’ll find where you stand on each of those dimensions.

How to improve your mindset – vertical development

The conversation also touches upon the impact of trauma on mindsets, the benefits of mindset-oriented personal development, and practical steps anyone can take to work on their mindsets.

Additionally, Gottfredson shares personal anecdotes and insights on overcoming self-protective mindsets for greater productivity and fulfillment, highlighting resources like his mindset assessment and the ‘Success Mindsets’ book.


Time codes for the episode

00:00 Introduction to Mindsets

00:19 The Power of Shifting Mindsets

00:51 Meet the Guest: Ryan Gottfredson

01:14 The Role of Mindsets in Leadership and Management

02:26 Understanding the Concept of Fixed and Growth Mindsets

02:58 The Journey to Shifting Mindsets

03:45 The Neuroscience Behind Mindsets

06:36 The Impact of Mindsets on Success

07:41 The Process of Vertical Development

24:44 The Role of Trauma in Shaping Mindsets

30:21 Practical Steps to Improve Mindsets

32:11 Conclusion and Contact Information