156: Chris Butler On Why Meetings Are Good, Strategy 360, and Other New Ideas

156: Chris Butler on Why Meetings Are Great And Other Projects

Welcome back Chris Butler!

My guest on this episode is Chris Butler, whom we first heard from in episode 107! It’s great to have him back, sharing some of his new projects since we last talked 18 months ago.

Chris is a self-described “chaotic good” product manager, as well as a prolific writer and speaker. His work focuses on helping product managers operate more effectively – helping teams make better, less biased decisions, and build new and innovative products. He has been a product leader at Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Cognizant, KAYAK, and Waze. He created techniques like Empathy Mapping for the Machine, Animistic Design Mapping, and Confusion Mapping to create cross-team alignment while building AI products.

I first met Chris in a product manager meetup, and then I happened to watch his amazing video on Adversarial Product Management, the topic of his previous appearance on this podcast.

Some of what we cover in this episode:

  • Why meetings are actually good and other insights from the Uncertainty Project.
  • A new way to think about strategy
  • Concrete ways that AI might change our lives, and his futurist work with the Near Future Laboratory