The Secrets of Product Management Live Weekly Meetup

Every Friday Morning at 8am Pacific Time

(For east coasters that’s 11:00am. For folks in England it’s 4:00pm, it's 5pm in Germany, and 7:30pm in India.)

Meetup Topics

Depending on who shows up and what people have requested, the meetup wll be one of the following

  • Mastermind (where we process someone's issue)
  • Lean Coffee (where we collaboratively come up with an agenda and discuss it)
  • Training or coaching (typically, but not always, led by me)
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) (typically, but not always, led by me)
  • And guests are always possibility!

This is a free event (unless it gets really out of hand).

I will host it on my Zoom, and at least some of the sessions will be recorded. 

The Next Meetup Is...

13th January 2023

8:am Pacific Time


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