Nils Davis headshotHi, I’m Nils Davis. I’m a product manager, trainer, coach, and author. I write, train, and coach about product management.

My book, The Secret Product Manager Handbook, has been called “Nuggets of product management wisdom and ideas you’ll want to hang on your monitor.”

I create lots more nuggets for product managers in the form of this podcast, as well as videos and online trainings to help PMs become more effective at creating great products that succeed in the market.

This podcast, All The Responsibility, None of the Authority, has been running since November 2014.

My YouTube channel, The Secret Product Manager Handbook, started in 2018.

I also have a website with the occasional blog post. There are about 50 excellent articles in the archive, like this series on go-to-market, for example, and my article that answers the age-old question “What Is Product Management, Anyway?”