101: The Smart Sales Method (book title) by Joe Morone

101: The Smart Sales Method – Sales Fundamentals for Product Managers

The Smart Sales Method – a short book review

“When done effectively, sales closure rates move from the estimated 3-10% to 70% or more.”

That’s a quote from The Smart Sales Method To Improving Sales Results for B2B Technology Sales Teams by Joe Morone.

“We’re all in sales.”

That’s a quote I’ve heard multiple times throughout my career. (And John Simmons and I talked about that idea at length in episode #100.) And because we’re “in” sales, even though we’re product managers, it pays to know something about how to sell, how to get customers across the finish line, and how successful sales teams work.

This book, The Smart Sales Method, is one of the best I’ve read on this topic.

And that’s partly because it aligns so well with what I think is one of the most powerful tools we have as product managers – storytelling.

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