A title card with a picture of an LP record and the name "The Product Management System of Record"

The Product Management System of Record

This episode is a blast from the past! I started the All The Responsibility, None of The Authority podcast back in November 2014. The main part of this episode was actually from way back then – November 2014. The topic is the product management system of record – and how to cobble one together with a wiki.

Because I changed podcast feeds (from The Secret Product Manager Handbook to All The Responsibility domain), this episode never appeared on the current feed. So you probably haven’t heard it.

I hope you enjoy this flashback from the wayback machine. I think you’ll find the ideas about the product management system of record as a concept hold up pretty well five years later, even if the way I suggest building one is slightly obsolete given that ProductBoard and some other applications are in the market now.


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