Ryan Troll of The PM Genome Project

“You should never get attached to your idea because it will change.”

In this episode of All The Responsibility, Nils and Rob interview Ryan Troll, co-founder of the PM Genome project. Ryan started focusing on startups and the startup space after reading a Harvard Business Review about the life of CEOs. In 2016 he and his co-founders created the PM Genome Project.

Ryan’s goal is to create a center of excellence for product managers, focused on mapping the product manager journey all the way from aspiring product builders to battle-hardened product leaders.

The PM Genome Project’s mission is to help product managers hone their craft, accelerate their career and build community, so we can create great products.

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Highlights of the conversation

[02:33] Overview of the PM Genome project and how it started. Ryan’s interest in startups, product management, and career growth of PMs. The Harvard Business Review research article about the Careers of CEOs that inspired Ryan and his partner Joe to apply their learning and to start PM Genome.

[08:20] Key concepts people need to know about the PM Genome, its core value, and insights.

[12:39] The Scientific approach of PM Genome in terms of product growth.

[14:10] Overview of the Growth framework of a product manager. PM’s population and their focus.

[16:00] Exciting initiatives from the PM Genome, including conference offerings and insights on the career development of a product manager.

[21:29] Three things you can do today to get involved in PM Genome. 1) Fill out a survey at audience.pmgenome.org. 2) Share your story or advice with the growing PM Genome audience by getting in touch with the PM Genome team to co-publish or distribute your content. 3) Sign up for the Genome at www.pmgenome.org.