My article “How to Prioritize: Top 6 Prioritization Techniques” is the most popular on the Secret Product Manager Handbook website. I wrote it a while ago, and although I’ve updated it a bit over time, I thought I might take another pass at the topic.

Clearly prioritization continues to be one of the most important problems for product managers.


The Takeaways

Here are top takeaways from the podcast episode:

  • Prioritization is driven – or should be – by our desire to create value in the market, faster. And “value” means a better solution to a problem that a market has an urgent need and budget to solve.
  • Don’t be afraid of using your intuition about what is valuable and feasible.
  • Being decisive also means being able to defend your decisions, and that means persuasion, and that should make you think about stories – the stories of the prospects and customers who will love your solution to their problem.
  • Use data if you can – but recognize that you’re still predicting the future.
  • Use your organization’s strategy as a tool for prioritization, if the strategy is really about creating value in the market.
  • In addition to all the other reasons product management is hard, one of the biggest challenges is that you are predicting the future, all the time.

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