Podcast Relaunch Update

Rob and I have been getting the new podcast ready to launch in November. This has involved a lot of technical stuff:

We’re having a lot of fun, and learning a lot. As part of this learning, we’ve tried out our equipment a few times. We recorded one of our conversations at the Workshop Café in San Francisco, and below are a few snippets that you might find interesting.


One of our most surprisingly useful tools has been … Evernote. We had a short chat about that last week.

Between a shared Evernote notebook and Evernote Work Chat, it’s pretty cool.


It turns out that WordPress themes is a pretty fraught subject. Many podcasters recommend “Just get the Genesis theme and you’re good to go.” Well, that’s not quite right. You also need a child theme, and you need to purchase both of them. And then you need to configure it. And maybe get a design, to boot. It’s not terrible, but no one seems to really say that.

Rob and I think there should be a little book about how to do this – maybe we will write it:

Have you gone through this Genesis theme decision and implementation process? We ended up using the Appendipity Playcast Pro theme, which we like a lot, but we’re still learning a ton as we go!

Guests and Interviews

We have a few guests and interviews lined up so far, and we want to get a lot more. We plan to split the show about half-and-half interviews and “solos” (just Rob and me). When we interview folks, we have some specific things we want to learn from them – so you can learn from them as well.

What do you think of our questions? What other actionable info do you want to hear from our guests?

Thanks for checking in!

Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts for us as we ramp this new podcast up.