Learn To Use Powerful Stories of Your Own Accomplishments To Win

In Job Interviews

Learn To Use Powerful Stories of Your Own Accomplishments To Win

In Job Interviews

​You look great on paper.

You got the interview.

But now you're in the most competitive fight of your life - ​against ​all the other candidates interviewing for this great new job. 

How are you going to differentiate yourself

How are you going to overcome the hiring manager's fear of making a bad decision? 

How are you going to convince them that you are the right person for the job

The secret lies in one of humanity's most ancient traditions - storytelling.

​If you’re getting interviewed for ​your next job​ you’d damn well better know some good stories!

​Sabrina Braham

​Host of The Women's Leadership podcast and sought-after coach and ​keynote speaker

​In ​My ​Master ​Class​ You'll ​Learn ​To

​Turn ​Your ​Most ​Impressive ​Accomplishments ​Into ​Great ​Stories

​​T​hat​ ​Help ​You ​Win ​In ​Job ​Interviews

​May ​28, 7:​3​0 AM Pacific Time

Nils speaking at Product Tank with mic

Your ​Instructor​, Nils Davis

Author of ​The Secret Product Manager Handbook​ and host of All The Responsibility, None of The Authority podcast. 

Nils has been ​coaching product managers on how to tell better stories​ since 2017.

​Master Class Date:



​7:​30 AM



What you’ll ​learn in th​e ​Master Class:

  • ​The new realities of hiring, including why interviewers ask behavioral questions (and what they are), and how to answer them. 
  • ​The fundamental structure that will give you the power to tell your own stories effectively and persuasively,​ to demonstrate your skills and accomplishments and to differentiate yourself from your competitors (other job seekers!)
  • Why you need to reduce ​​ the hiring manager's perception of risk (of hiring you) - and how to do it!

Places on this live​ master class are limited! Reserve your seat now and join us live for the ​master class that will change the way you think about and prepare for ​your next job interview.

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