Introducing Season Two Of The All The Responsibility Podcast

We are very excited to unleash the first episode in our new season of All The Responsibility, None Of The Authority, a podcast for product managers, product marketers, innovators, entrepreneurs – everyone who wants to be more effective and more successful creating and selling products.

Season Two has a lot of changes, including a new website (, where you might be reading this), a new podcast feed, and most important, a new host! Rob McGrorty, product guy at Webgility and all around cool product dude, is the new voice you’ll hear, along with the familiar tones of Nils Davis.

As always, we have our “three things you can start doing today to put these ideas into practice.” We want to give you concrete actions you can take from each of our episodes, which is a great savings in your cognitive capacity. (We’ll be doing a podcast on cognitive capacity and its implications for product managers later in the season.)

And since today’s episode is “introduce the new season,” and this podcast help you become a better, more effective product person, the three things are focused on making sure you get every episode, and that every episode is as full of actionable content as possible.

  1. Sign up for our mailing list and subscribe to the podcast, which definitely will give you insights on how to be a better product manager
  2. Write us a note in the comments, a tweet (@nilsdavis), an email, or leave us a voice message on the website with your ideas for what we should cover and whose insights you want to hear (that is, people we can interview). Let us know, good or bad, what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong.
  3. Give us a rating on iTunes, tweet about the podcast, or otherwise share your thoughts and – hopefully – recommendation on this podcast with your tribe. The better everyone gets as product managers, the better off we all are.