Interview with David Binetti on the concept of Innovation Options

At the end of 2016, Nils watched a Q&A with David at a Product Tank meetup. He was blown away by David’s take on the ROI of Innovation and Innovation Options. So we asked David to come in for a more in-depth interview.

This is the first of two parts of what turned into a long and informative interview. In this part, Nils, Rob, and David discuss the current mode of thinking around innovation in companies. That is, fudge the numbers so you get approval. They then explore David’s concept of Innovation Options and how one might apply it to their company’s innovation goals. David also gave some tips for communicating to Finance and other stakeholders.

Keep an eye out for part 2, in which we discuss why Innovation Options and innovating in general are important exercises for the growth of companies. We also discuss portfolio theory and more useful examples of where and how Innovation Options are already being used. David also gives us the ever useful 3 Things you can do today.

Thanks to David!

The team is incredibly grateful for David’s participation in our podcast and for humoring us as we dug deep into these rather complex topics. If you want to learn more about Innovation Options or the work that David does, please visit his site You can also check out his Medium post with an overview of Innovation Options. You can see the famous “sideways Christmas tree” in that article. Also, as promised you can make your own sideways Christmas tree with the tools at

You can follow David on Twitter at @dbinetti or on Medium at @dbinetti.

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