Handling The Product Teardown Question – Part 2: Example

In our earlier episode about how to answer the “product teardown” question in a product manager job interview, we promised a real life example. Here it is! I’m not going to tell you the product – you have to listen to find out.

As you recall, our basic guidelines were the following. Take a listen and see how well we lived up to our theory:

  1. Get organized – go into your interview with some ideas in mind about how you will use your favorite frameworks for thinking about product
  2. Set up your assumptions about the product, such as personas and identify the goals or the “job to be done” by the product.
  3. Go through a process to identify a potential solution using your preferred process – design thinking, jobs to be done, etc.
  4. Extra credit – identify why they might not have built this new feature so far, and how you might justify the investment.

A few interesting links

In the conversation we discussed a few concepts you might want to read more about (if you’re like me):