Greg Prickril on Managing Your Product Management Career Like A Product

Strategic Career Management for Product Managers

​I’ve known Greg Prickril for several years. He has been coaching and training PMs for many years, after a long career as a PM with IBM and SAP.

​He gradually started noticing that product managers, on the whole, were not putting as much attention into their careers – their professional development – as they could be. And that simply applying product management skills and techniques could make a big difference for PMs’ career outcomes.

​Most PMs tend to treat their careers reactively. It’s ​like only focusing on customer enhancement requests to progress your product. Without a bigger picture – a strategy – guiding their activities, it’s easy to get left behind.

The Genesis of

Based on these observations and his years of working with product managers ​in all kinds of different organizations, he and Daniel Zacarias have teamed up to create It’s a new service for product managers to help them take control of their careers. ​

In this episode we talk about Greg’s own career path, his realizations and analysis of the PM career management challenge, and and their approach.

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