Learn To Write Customer Success Stories That Win Deals!

Most customer success stories suck. They aren't engaging, they could be about any company or product, and your prospects find them boring and lackluster

But your product is great and your customers are happy. How can you ensure your customer success stories tell that story?

My new mini-ebook The Customer Story Template And How To Use It shows you how. 

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  • Discover the importance of having emotionally compelling hooks for your customer's story. And how to ask your customer the right questions to get them!
  • Use the fill-in-the-blanks template to capture your customer's problem and pain from before they found you, and the outstanding results they got from using your product
  • I even show you how to create a vertical takeoff that catches the reader's attention from the first line and won't let go!
  • And the "litmus test" I include ensures you have every critical piece necessary for maximum persuasion power.
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I'm Nils Davis, the host of the The Secrets of Product Management podcast. I love helping product managers and product marketers tell their stories better. 

My cheatsheet will help you take your customer success stories to new levels. Just enter your name and email below, and I'll send it right to your email.

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