I continually use what I learned in the bootcamp - when I'm presenting, when I'm interviewing someone, everything!

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Senior Product Manager

Bootcamp: Telling Your Own Story

Learn to present your best self in interviews through powerful stories of your own accomplishments

Two 2-Hour Sessions - Live Online

Saturday April 17-Sunday April 18

10 AM-Noon Pacific Time

1 PM-3:00 PM Eastern Time

6 PM - 8 PM London Time

10:30 PM - Midnight India Time

Do you know how to turn your accomplishments into engaging stories that illustrate your competence and achievements?


Most people don't.

In this 4+ hour bootcamp, over two days, I'll help you turn "what you did in your day job" into powerful, compelling stories that convince hiring managers you're the one they want on their team.

You'll learn a powerful story structure that works for most stories. You'll learn secret storytelling techniques used in blockbuster movies and great literature (but which you can apply easily to your own stories)

Bootcamp enrollment is limited to 8 attendees so you get personal attention

Sign up before all the spots are gone.


Tell Me About A Time...

"Behavioral questions" are the new normal in job interviews

How do you answer questions like "Tell me about a time you showed initiative?" Or "How do you handle working with a difficult person?" 

To show your competence and achievements in response to these questions, you need to be able to tell great stories about yourself. 

But most of us aren't good at telling our own stories!

Especially if you have a technical background it can be hard to take your concrete accomplishments - and I'm sure you have many - and turn them into great stories. 

In this bootcamp I show you how to do it. And I'll work with you to turn your achievements into narrative gold. 

what you get

What you’ll learn in this bootcamp

The Basic Structure Behind All Great Stories

Stories have the power of breaking down barriers. Sharing knowledge. And showing your expertise. But most of us don't learn the structure of good stories. 

We all know that stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. But what does that mean for your story?

In this bootcamp I'll give you a structure so simple you'll be using it in no time.

And you'll start to see it being used everywhere around you. 

How To Transform Your Own Stories From Boring to BLAM!

Even with the simple story structure I share, you can still create a boring story.

I'll share the characteristics of great stories. The ones that are memorable and engaging.

And I'll work with you to find those characteristics in your own experiences and accomplishments. I'll show you how to weave them into your stories.

And I'll give you a formula for a "vertical takeoff" that kicks your story off with super high energy!

Using Your Stories In Interviews and Resumes

It's great to have these stories about what you've achieved.

But how do you use them when it comes to getting that great job?

I'll share the techniques you can use to incorporate your stories into your resume and into your interviews. You'll learn the ideal timing for answering a behavioral question with one of your stories.

And I'll help you embed your accomplishments into your resume.

Every bullet point will tell your story.

Bootcamp Contents and Structure

  • Two LIVE 2+ hour sessions: 1 1/2 hour presentation and group work + 1/2 hour Q & A
  • You'll get both storytelling training and direct coaching on your own story.
  • Presentations consist of teaching, group work, and discussion.
  • Will include "hot seats" for GENTLE group critique of your stories as you develop them.
  • Sessions will be recorded and videos will be available for replay later for review or if you miss a session.

Optional Group Coaching

  • Two LIVE 1.5 hour calls.
  • Scheduled as conveniently as possible.
  • Up to six participants per call.
  • (Extra cost option.)

About Your Instructor Nils Davis

Nils has been a product manager for more than 25 years - and he's been coaching product managers for nearly as long.

When he started there were no resources for learning product management, so he had to learn most of it on his own.

To help new product managers avoid that struggle, for years he's been providing the “secret” information on podcast, blog, and in his book The Secret Product Manager Handbook.

And Nils has sat on both sides of the table in the interview process. He's learned what works and doesn't for both himself and the product managers he's mentored. He's learned that stories - about yourself, about your product, and about your customers and prospects - are the most powerful communication tools that product managers have.

Pricing and Options


Learn to turn your accomplishments into engaging and persuasive stories that can help you get that next job!

  • Two LIVE 2+ hour sessions
  • Individualized coaching and feedback as you develop your stories
  • GENTLE "hot seats" for group feedback on your stories
  • Sessions will be recorded for later watching and review

Only $149

Bootcamp + Group Coaching

Everything in the Bootcamp plus live group coaching to help you develop your stories!

  • Two LIVE 1.5 hour calls
  • Scheduled as conveniently as possible.
  • Up to six participants per call.
  • Sessions will be recorded for later watching and review
  • Even MORE gentle "hot seats" for group feedback

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