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155: PM's Guide To Cognitive Biases

155: The PM’s Guide to Cognitive Biases

Product Manager’s Guide To Cognitive Biases That sounds funny, doesn’t it? I’m not giving you cognitive biases in this episode. I’m giving you information about cognitive biases so you can manage them better. What’s a cognitive bias? According to Wikipedia: “A cognitive bias is a systematic pattern of deviation from norm or rationality in judgment.”

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154: Storytelling Deconstructed

154: Storytelling Deconstructed

Deconstructed storytelling can be your secret weapon I talk about “telling a story” and “using stories” all the time on this podcast. But I don’t mean sitting everyone around a campfire with a mug of hot chocolate and someone starting out “Once upon a time…” “Storytelling” often doesn’t mean literally “telling a story” in the

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152: There Are No Rules - On Product Manager Gatekeeping

153: There Are No Rules – On Product Management Gatekeeping

There are no rules that define who will make a great product manager This episode was inspired by a “rant” (actually, a well-reasoned post) from Graham Reed on LinkedIn, and another post by Greg Prickril. Both were about the ridiculousness of the people posting nonsense and disinformation about product management and what it “really” is

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