98: The 5 Immutable Truths of Great Product Managers with JJ Rorie

98: The 5 Immutable Truths of Great Product Managers with JJ Rorie

JJ Rorie started out in sales and marketing

My guest on the podcast this week is JJ Rorie. Like many of us, she transitioned into product management from a non-technical role, in her case sales and marketing.

Since that initial transition, JJ moved up in responsibility to product management leadership. Then, for the last six years she has been consulting, training and advising product managers and product management teams across all kinds of industries with Sequent Learning Networks, one of the leading product management training and consulting firms.

I met JJ through her participation in some online forums I attended, and then was particularly engaged in her latest initiative, The Five Immutable Truths of Great Product Managers.

The 5 Immutable Truths of Great Product Managers

In her years of being a product manager and working with product management teams and leaders, JJ has refined her understanding of what all great product managers have in common.

  1. A high level of customer intelligence
  2. Excellent at building and maintaining relationships
  3. Great communicator
  4. Great business acuity and judgment
  5. Master prioritizer

Those are the 5 Immutable Truths of Great Product Managers. The good news is that you can get better at all of these with application and coaching. In her upcoming book (early 2022), JJ will go deeply into how to do that. In our episode today she gives us a few hints to whet our appetites.

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