3 Hacks for Better Decision-Making

89: 3 Decision-Making Hacks for Product Managers

Decision-making is a core competency for product managers

Greg Prickril, who’s been a guest on the podcast, just did a LinkedIn post about the most important competency for product managers. He said it was “prioritization” – which I don’t disagree with. And one important facet of prioritization is decision making. And in this episode I give three (actually four) great hacks for making better decisions.

The hacks (or tips)

  • One-way versus two-way decisions.
  • Get perspective – the 10-day, 10-month, 10-year hack.
  • It’s never just either/or – there are always more options.
  • Pre-mortems – imagine the worst outcome from your decision, then imagine how that bad outcome came about, so you can mitigate it in advance.


  • Decisive, a fantastic book by Chip and Dan Heath on making better decisions. To be honest I swiped some of these hacks from Decisive.

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