85: Storytelling Questions & Answers

85: Storytelling Questions & Answers

In this episode, answers to a few questions I get often when I’m presenting or training product managers on storytelling.

A great story is about a problem worth solving, a difficult and challenging path to a solution that only you can navigate, followed by a meaningful transformation when the problem is solved.

Very simple to state. Not quite as simple to execute – but still pretty simple. Despite its simplicity, the opportunities for applying it are manifold – as are the questions that come up about using it.

Rebranding the podcast

This is the second episode of the rebranded podcast. I’m changing the name from All The Responsibility to “The Secrets of Product Management” so it’s a lot more obvious what it’s about to a casual browser. The new colors (and the name) also to align much better with the branding of my book, The Secret Product Manager Handbook, which I think can only be good.

Nothing else is changing about the podcast – same format, same host, all the same other things. You’ll still be able to access it via alltheresponsibility.com, plus the new URL secretsofpm.com.

Storytelling bootcamp – April 17 & 18, 2021


Below are some links to previous podcast episodes about storytelling and a few other useful resources.

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