81: Kristy Olinger on Communication, Radical Transparency, and A Growth Mindset

81: Kristy Olinger on Communication, Radical Transparency, and A Growth Mindset

Kristy Olinger – Communication Guru

I met Kristy Olinger a few months ago, introduced by our mutual friend Greg Prickril (a guest on the podcast last year). We immediately hit it off and I knew she’d be a great guest for the podcast.

In her day job Kristy is a product manager for credit card offerings at Citizens Bank. On the side she has her own podcast, “The Opposite of Small Talk“, and presents online trainings, workshops, and keynotes through KO Communication. She also runs a mean Instagram game under ko.communication.

In this episode she gives us some insights on how to improve your communication skills at work, including how to engage difficult stakeholders using the familiarity principle, and how to disrupt a disruptor. Underlying a lot of her communication guidance is what she calls “Radical Transparency.”

We also talked a bit about strengths (a topic I’ve spent a few recent episodes on) and their relationship to the idea of a growth mindset, and a book she recommends called The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte, and her concept of “ease,” which is closely related to the idea behind strengths.

Links to books, podcasts, and sites we mentioned in the episode

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