77: 2020 Retrospective - What Went Well, What Could Have Been Better

77: 2020 Retrospective – What Went Well, What Could Have Been Better

2020 Retrospective Thoughts

The end of the year always prompts thoughts and reflections on what went down, what was worth celebrating, and where tweaks or even overhauls are needed.

In this episode I talk about retrospectives and how to do them (and why), and then I dive into this podcast’s 2020. There were highs and lows, but in general, I think the podcast has been a worthwhile endeavor for me that I will continue doing.

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As I mentioned in the episode, most of my podcasts these days are pre-scripted, although I do go “off book” on occasion. So, instead of getting the show transcribed, I just provide the script if it’s clean enough.

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