More Proven Secrets for Brilliant Storytelling

71: More Proven Secrets For Brilliant Storytelling

A while ago I did an episode called “The Two Stories Every Product Manager Must Be Able To Tell.” It was inspired by a great episode of Mario Martinez’ Selling With Social podcast. He featured Mark Adams, author of 7 Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell.

Obviously, in that episode I only covered two of those, so in this episode I cover the rest, how to think about them, the key pieces of content and structure, for delivering brilliant storytelling about your product, your company, your customers, and yourself.

The six story types

The story types I cover in this episode are the following:

  • Your story about yourself.
  • A customer success story.
  • The story of a prospect’s current tragedy.
  • The story of a product you’re introducing to market, but you don’t have any customer success stories yet.
  • The story of your company and how it came to be where it is today.
  • Your own story and how you got where you are today.

Links and resources

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