150: The Product Bible Part 2 - What Is It?

150: Product Bible Part 2 – What Is It?

The Product Bible

In the previous episode I made a lot of complaints about PRDs, and then I made some claims that they could be better. In this episode, how you might actually make a better PRD.

(This might be me tilting at windmills!)

The overall argument

  • PRDs are problematic. They go stale. No one reads them. They are mainly (often) focused on the technical solution, and not on the fundamental problem a product is solving nor on how to take the solution to market.
  • But, there might be some things we can do.
  • To get to grips with that, let’s think about what we’re trying to accomplish, both with the PRD itself, and also overall with our product process.
  • Is there a way to accomplish more of what we want overall by improving the way we do PRDs, that will also make the PRDs themselves more valuable and more enduring?

More on the MVPK

I mention the Minimum Viable Product Knowledge in several podcast episodes, the most recent of which is #127, A Repeatable Sales Process And Why You Don’t Have One.

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