149: You're Amazing! Make Sure Your Resume Shows It

146: You’re Amazing! Make Sure Your Resume Shows It

How to show up as the amazing unicorn you are in your resume and job interviews

This episode was inspired by a LinkedIn post from Jason Knight, in which he gave product managers advice on their resumes. Basically, he’s not seeing what he wants to see in peoples’ resumes. They’re boring. They don’t do a good job of selling the person.

And I’ve experienced this as well. I talk to a lot of product managers and review their resumes. You are all amazing. But according to your resume, you are nothing special. That’s a breakdown, and in this episode I give you some tools to fix it.

I want you to sound amazing in your resume – since you are amazing in reality.

Why is this important? What’s the point of sounding amazing? Your resume is your sales letter, and your goal with a sales letter is to get the reader to take action – to click the link. (Or, to schedule a call with you.) It’s a lot more likely if your resume presents you as amazing.

Of course, it has to do this will still conforming to that very particular set of constraints that resumes have – the format, the single page, etc. It must sell you. But without seeming to, because selling yourself is considered uncouth in a resume.

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