137: (Rerun) Managing Your Cognitive Resources More Effectively

137: (Rerun) Managing Your Cognitive Resources More Effectively

Managing Your Cognitive Resources To Be More Effective

As a product manager, one of your most precious resources is your “cognitive storage tank.” It’s like a real fuel tank – when it’s exhausted, your cognitive abilities stop working well. And when that happens, it means you can’t be as innovative, you can’t be as creative, and your decisions get worse. To improve our effectiveness as product managers, one key step is managing the cognitive storage tank.

In this episode I describe some techniques and tools for eliminating wasteful leaks from your storage tank. I hope the ideas will be helpful to improve your effectiveness as a product manager.

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Note: This is a rerun of episode 314 (using the old weird numbering scheme). These show notes are the same – I just copied them here!

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