135: Dan Balcauski on Pricing For Product Managers (part 2)

135: Dan Balcauski On Pricing For Product Managers – Part 2

Dan Balcauski, the product pricing guru (part 2)

Dan’s interview is excellent – and long. It’s going to expand your mind on how to think about pricing – so much so, in fact, that I have to air the interview in two parts! And this is part 2. (Find part one at 134: Dan Balcauski on Pricing For Product Managers.)

JJ Rorie introduced me to Dan a few months ago. She’s a product management thought leader, consultant, and author of The Five Immutable Truths of Great Product Managers, and of course was my guest on this show in episode 98.

In this interview Dan goes over

  • The Three C’s of pricing
  • How pricing is *related* to value, but not always as straightforwardly as you might think
  • The importance of competitors and reference pricing, and many other topics.

And that’s just in this episode – there’s much more next week!


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