128: What Does ChatGPT Know About Product Management?

128: What Does ChatGPT Know About Product Management?

ChatGPT is surprisingly knowledgeable about product management

I’ve been playing around with ChatGPT, a new conversational AI that has been the talk of Twitter and other social media sites. Basically, you ask it questions, and it responds with very well-written answers.

You can think of it as a front end for an Internet search that takes the answers it gets and compiles them into well-formed text.

So I asked it a bunch of questions about product management, like:

  • What challenges do new product managers face?
  • What are the characteristics of a person who would make a good product manager?
  • What soft skills are most important for a product manager?
  • What skill do most product managers need to develop?

And so on.

It’s knowledgeable, but not exciting

Its answers are good and correct, but not subtle. And it doesn’t use metaphorical language at all, at least not in its answers related to product management. For example, it doesn’t mention empathy as a fundamental product management characteristic, or use a phrase like “the ability to put yourself into your customer’s shoes.”

If you’d like to try ChatGPT, it lives at chat.open.ai/chat. You will have to create an account, or use your Google account. (That’s what I did.)

You type in questions, and it types answers back.

Everything will be different in a year

I highly suspect that ChatGPT will be significantly better in a year. Maybe I’ll revisit it in 12 months and see how its answers about product management have changed in that time.