120: Product Manager Interview Tricks

120: Product Manager Interview Tricks

Product manager interview tricks – what are they?

In this episode, I share my insights on product manager interview tricks.

Bottom line?

There aren’t really tricks.

But if you approach the interview with a product management mindset, and think about what the customer really needs when they say “I want faster horses,” you might gain that competitive edge.

A list of some characteristics of great product managers

The hiring manager needs to get confidence that you can do the things that product managers need to do, like:

  • Overcome obstacles
  • Find market problems
  • Persuade HIPPOs that their idea, while good, should be deferred in favor of features that move the needle
  • Help the team make forward progress
  • Motivate people
  • Remove objections
  • Help sales and marketing succeed
  • Help customers succeed
  • Say “No” when you have to (most of the time)
  • Make decisions quickly despite uncertainty
  • Assess when it’s OK to make decisions quickly and when you need to take more care (one-way vs two-way) decisions.
  • Prioritize, figuring out what’s important
  • Context switch
  • Playing at multiple levels at once
  • Being detail-oriented but also 30k foot level in your outlook

The most important product manager interview tricks are how to expose your skills – such as the ones listed above – in your stories.

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