111: How To Master Strategic Product Management

111: How To Master Strategic Product Management

Strategic Product Management

Do you want to be a more strategic product manager?

Step 1: Start asking Why?

I explain what I mean in this episode.

And then I go into a lot of depth about what is a strategy, how are tactics and strategies related, and other useful concepts.


  • Strategies and tactics are hierarchical
  • If you have a good market model for your features you can use the organization’s strategy/strategic goals to prioritize
  • You still have to use your intuition
  • This doesn’t solve all our prioritization problems


Three things you can start doing today

  1. Start creating “market footprints” for your features (I explain what a “market footprint” is in the episode.)
    1. Customers, segments, competitors, themes – at least as “notes” on the feature
  2. Use your organization’s strategy to guide your prioritization, based on the market footprints of your features.
  3. Learn to use the market footprint and alignment to the product strategy concepts to have more productive prioritization conversations.

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