110: Adil Berdai Tells Us About Calido

110: Adil Berdai Tells Us About Calido

Adil Berdai, founder of Calido

My guest on this episode is Adil Berdai, creator of the new product management tool Calido.

I’m very excited about Calido – first – it’s a new product management tool, and we don’t have enough of them. And, it looks pretty great!

As you know if you’ve listened to the podcast for long, or seen my articles on the Secret Product Manager Handbook site, I am a big believer in tools. Tools help us become much more efficient and effective at our jobs, whether they are shovels and pickaxes for doing manual labor, or SaaS tools like Calido for doing mental labor.

And we product managers have not had many choices in tools. It was only in 2014 or so that ProductBoard, one of the more impressive product management tools, came out.

Adil and I discuss his philosophy of product management tools, and go into a little bit of detail on the product itself.

AppSumo deal

As Adil mentions in the interview, there is an amazingly great introductory deal on AppSumo for Calido, that’s definitely worth checking on. It’s a lifetime deal, for a very low price, that would give you a very low-risk way to get started with the tool.

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