108: Learning From Failure

108: Learning From Failure

Learning from failure

I worked on a product back in the mid-2000s called Accept360. It was a product for product managers.

There’s no question that using Accept360 would make product management orgs more effective in a lot of different ways.

But Accept360 failed as a product, and so in 2011 I started to realize I had to figure out why a product that I loved, that all our customers loved, that definitely delivered a lot of value, was not successful.

In this episode: how the failure of Accept360 drove me to figure out the “secrets” of product management, and led to my book, this podcast, and my coaching and training work.

The entire history, in bullets

if I put the entire history of my journey since that failure, what does it look like in steps?

  • Business value of PM.
  • Business value of PM tools.
  • Importance of go to market.
  • Importance of problem.
  • Relative lack of importance of solution itself.
  • Painkillers versus vitamins
  • The Secret Product Management Framework
  • The Secret Product Manager Handbook
  • The importance of storytelling to tie all this together
  • What you need to do for effective go to market.
  • The fundamentals of persuasion.


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