106: Product Management And The Smart Sales Method, with Joe Morone

106: Product Management And The Smart Sales Method, with Joe Morone

Joe Morone, master salesperson and master sales trainer

I love to talk to salespeople about how product managers and sales can collaborate and synergize – in episode 100 I had John Simmons on, another great sales leader.

In this episode I welcome Joe Morone, author of The Smart Sales Method, which I’ve already mentioned a few times on this podcast. So much so that I actually reviewed it in episode 101.

I was introduced to this book by Keith Allen Johns, one of my coaches. He’s used the approach in multiple businesses, including his own coaching business, which is exploding right now.

So I was thrilled when Joe agreed to come on the podcast to give us some insight into the Smart Sales Method itself, and to talk about how sales and product management can work together more effectively.

And I found the book incredible – I loved reading it. It has so many resonances with my thinking.

How sales and product management can work together effectively

Joe’s worldview of how companies create value for their clients – and the importance of being able to articulate that value in the sales cycle – aligns 100% with what I talk about on this show.

As you’ll hear, Joe has specific ideas about how much value product managers can bring to the sales process – and that was reflected in the opening quote – and he shares several action steps that product managers can take to help ensure the success of the sales organization in selling their products.

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