105: The Transition To Product Leadership, with Katia Suchkova

105: Katia Suchkova on Making The Transition to Product Leadership

From Individual Contributor to Product Leader

My guest Katerina (or Katia) Suchkova talks to us about the challenges – and the solutions – that ambitious senior product managers have when making the transition to product leadership and moving up the career ladder.

A longtime product management professional, Katia was a senior product manager at ServiceNow and a group product manager at 15Five before she started her own training company. At Ahead of Product, she focuses on helping senior product managers make the transition into leadership. Throughout her career she has been coaching, teaching, and mentoring product managers.

In this episode we talk about her life design (and how she ended up living on a beautiful mountain in Costa Rica), what she’s learned while helping product managers transition from individual contributor to leader, and her new program for ambitious product managers who want to take that next step.

We also talk about entrepreneurship for product managers including examples both from her own experience as well as her clients and mentees.

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