103: The Many Uses of A Customer Success Story

103: The Many Uses of A Customer Success Story

Customer success stories are marketing and sales gold

In this episode I show how to slice and dice a customer success story up into different components that can be used for creating great, engaging marketing content, for qualifying new prospects during discovery calls, and for handling sales objections.

In the previous episode, episode 102, I showed how I could transform an OK customer success story into a much more dramatic and emotionally engaging story with a few simple changes, including clearly laying out the customer’s transformation.

The story went from Meh to Wow in the process. At least I think so.

Take that story and run with it

In this episode we’re going to focus on the same story – the updated version – and talk about some ways to use a customer success story to help you, your marketing organization, and your sales team, take your product to market more successfully.

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